Release Of The Day | Mizbee ‘Stranger’ [(sic) music]

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Mizbee release ‘Stranger’ on [sic] music feat. Unkut and Maxinne remixes… Out Now @BEATPORT

‘Stranger’ is the second single from Mizbee’s forthcoming album ‘Here I Am’, hot on the heels of her trailblazing debut ‘Joy’ racking up heavy-hitting support from across the music universe.

‘Stranger’ is peppered with trip hop magic, telling the classic tale of a teenage girl’s unrequited crush, and written in the blink of an eye – one of those perfect situations where all the pieces just fall into place so naturally.

As with ‘Joy’, ‘Stranger’ features a Drum and Bass remix and a house remix – a deliberate move from Mizbee, paying homage to the two musical worlds that she has inhabited. Since 2012, Mizbee has been a feature vocalist for House and Techno producers; a departure from the North East’s Drum and Bass scene, where Mizbee was the only female in Newcastle doing live vocals for some of the genre’s most well respected artists.

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