Melodic Monday | Releases Of The Day

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1  Alex O’Rion release ‘Alone’ on Sudbeat Music… Out Now @BEATPORT
2  Umloud release ‘Just A Thought’ on Rogue Circuit… Out Now @BEATPORT
3  Banel & Emok release ‘A Groovy Place 2’ on IbogaTech… Out Now @BEATPORT
4  Rodrigo Cortazar release ‘The Time Is Now’ on Mirabilis Records… Out Now @BEATPORT
5  HeoliK release ‘Antartide’ on Area Verde… Out Now @BEATPORT
6  Movement Machina release ‘Royale’ on ICONYC… Out Now @BEATPORT
7  weekend heroes Release ’10 Years Mix’ on HIGARA… Out Now @TRAXSOURCE
8  Blue Amazon & Zak Gee Release ‘3 point 2 / Bitcoin’ on A Rec…Out Now @TRAXSOURCE
9  Rafael Osmo Release ‘Speed’ on In Trance Music… Out Now @BEATPORT
10  Edvard Hunger Release ‘Feel My Hope’ on Round Triangle… Out Now @BEATPORT
11  Nygma Release ‘The Cube’ on Dynamica… Out Now @BEATPORT
12  Yost Koen & S’il Vouz Play Release ‘Walk to the Moon’ on Asli Music… Out Now @BEATPORT
13  JoeFlow & GARAGE LIFE & Donnerstag Release ‘Azure’ on Synchronized Records… Out Now @BEATPORT
To start off the week we have some the greatest melodic tracks from the past week…

Back again after the monstrous Amelthea’s Horn EPs back in 2018 is Alex O’Rion with an exceptional 4-track EP. After a strong year of releases on Hope, Replug, ICONYC and more, Alex returns to Sudbeat with ‘Alone’. The lead track is a strong tribal progger with his incredible sound design and attention to detail. Building a head of steam over the opening section, the break is like an oasis from the storm, drawing you deeper into Alex’ web. ‘Mastodon’ takes off from where ‘Alone’ ends. Punchier drums and a more insistent melodic core drive the track forward, opening the listener up to all manner of mental visuals. The dub mix of ‘Mastodon’ is an altogether different beast. Darker, deeper and more devastating. The bassline leads the way, grinding out a well worn path from the waist down. Finally, ‘With You’ offers some light relief with upbeat drums, uplifting pads and playful melodics.

Rodrigo Cortazar is one of the hottest names coming out of Mexico’s underground music scene and we welcome him with his first full single release on the label: “The Time Is Now”. On remix duties we welcome back the one and only Ewan Rill! The original mix is a pure groover build up on crisp beats while the throbbing bass provides lots of energy while rolling percussive elements keep the vibe flowing along with simply yet powerful synth stabs and tiny vocal snippets. Ewan Rill works his magic providing a darker offering with a haunting and menacing groove while playing along with the original elements but still adding plenty of melodic vibe to it and creating a true progressive gem.

Movement Machina opens our account for 2020 with a tempting two track release: ‘Lights Out’ and ‘Royale’. Joining the label last year with his extraordinary remix of ‘Tenacity’ by Amuze, which was picked up by Rauchhaus for our recent ICONYC Essentials compilation, the Mango Alley and Zerothree regular gets his first full solo release, and what a monster it is! A student of the open-minded approach to music, the Finnish-based artists crates two exceptional tracks full of emotive intrigue and allure. First up is ‘Lights Out’ a tough groover balancing precariously between Techno and Prog. Rubbery bass and scattergun hats ride the groove as vocal effects provide the melodic content in a classic light and dark tension fest. Conversely, ‘Royale’ takes a deeper, more considered path. Tribal drums lead the way as crazy effects and wild sonics share space with percussive energy on this heads-down early morning stomper.

The latest in the 3 series – Melodic – Progressive fusion.

Speed – is the second single from the album Of Rafael Osmo.

Next up on Round Triangle we see again Belarusian producer Edvard Hunger. After his great remix for our previous release (Land Mammal’s “Thoughts And Realities” single), two personal EPs – ‘Space Around Me’ (2018) and ‘Music Sense’ (2019), Edvard continues with us in 2020 with ‘Feel My Hope’ EP.
The pack includes Hunger’s three new original works – the title track “Feel My Hope”, and the tunes “Somebody Else” and “Still Will Be Music”.

Asli Music keeps on rolling with more goodness. This time we proud to present you a super exciting collaboration between Yost Koen and S’il Vouz Play.
this collaboration delivering a massive EP with two stunning tracks. Opening track ‘Walk to the Moon’ is a pure dance floor hypnotic track with high-level quality synths and emotional breakdown that take us straight to the moon. next up is ‘Chubby’ this track hooked us from the first note, a meaty bassline and massive drums section alongside with great arps and melodies. a proper 5 am jam!

A journey through the sky. Azure opens up like the sun shining through the clouds after a rainstorm. It beckons you on a melodic journey through the skies of Los Angeles. Imagine the smell of freshly fallen rain. Immerse yourself in a bass that tries to ground you while the melodies lead you into the sky. Minimalistic vocals draw everything together as the melodies and percussion intertwine creating a mesh that moves you like a cloud through an Azure Sky.




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