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1  Sphera & Ritmo release ‘It’s Your Time’ on Iboga Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

2  Yestermorrow release ‘Pure Light’ on Iboga Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

3  Mind & Matter release ‘Fragile Nature Remixes’ on IONO MUSIC… Out Now @BEATPORT

4  Mekkanikka release ‘Ionic Bonds’ on United Beats Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

5  Middle Mode release ‘Atomic’ on Digital Om… Out Now @BEATPORT

6  Save The Robot release ‘Freaks’ on Timelapse… Out Now @BEATPORT

7  Ital & Tree Circuit Release ‘Kutral’ on Antu Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

8  U-Grid Release ‘Magic Hour’ on PsynOpticz Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

9  Impulser Release ‘Lemon Lime’ on Sol Music… Out Now @BEATPORT

10  PSYB3R Release ‘Taboo’ on Rated Records… Out Now @BEATPORT

11 UNI & TSUYOSHI SUZUKI ‘Just 50 Years Ago’ on Matsuri Digital… Out Now @BEATPORT

We’ve reached the weekend and this friday we have our favourite new Psy Trance tracks…

Sphera and Ritmo team up in a powerful new release. ‘It’s Your Time’ hits with pounding rhythm and deep atmospherics, giving us a first peek into the new album on the way from Sphera.

“You really really do some work on yourself on the dancefloor
If you let it happen
But you’ve gotta put some effort in
You’ve got to get to that euphoric, ecstatic, hypnotic state of trance
Because within that state
Is a pure light”                                                                                                                     Yestermorrow drop a massive dancefloor shaker filled with impact, high-energy and pure light.

Out next on Iono-Music we have this very special album release – Mind & Matter – ‘Fragile Nature’ – the remixes! Featuring the killer music from their original album but full of fresh awesome twisted innovative remixes from a plethora of highly talented artists!The album kicks off with Yestermorrow & Atomizers funky abstract remix of ‘Area 51’. Then we have the dark deep remix that Waveform created of ‘Hollow Earth’. Shifting things up a gear is The Alchemists fresh & feisty mix of ‘Day Out of Time’! Hyriderz dishes up a monstrously twisted kick ass mix of ‘Minimum Density’. Following this is the ‘Strange Matter’ remix by Nemo which packs a powerful punch and leads perfectly onto the Sabretooth’s hypnotic frenzy of ‘Fragile Nature’. Next up on remix duty we have Hinap who delivers a powerful and potent epic mix of ‘Imaginary Fields’. The penultimate remix is a stunningly spiritual number for ‘Creativity’ delivered by the awesome Dual Vision!

An Ionic bond is the complete transfer of a valence electron between atoms. It is a type of chemical bond that generates two oppositely charged ions. Mekkanikka takes us on a journey of particles and atoms, positive and negative ions charging and transferring energy between one another.

New massive tune from Save the Robot Freaks!

Antu Records presents the first blaster collaboration between Ital & Tree Circuit. The Mapuches indicate that the fire was left by the creative spirits along with a Ngen-kütral for their care. He is considered as a homeowner who resides in the kitchen of the ruca. With a breath, he gives again a warm and hot food for the family.

We are extremely excited to release the debut EP of U-Grid. A new project formed by Prohecht and Noise Gust. 2 powerful producers from Japan. They have joined their creative minds from both the night time full-on and dark psychedelic sub-genres and created a unique psychedelic act that can be featured both in the day and night. With crazy breaks, groovy basslines and mad psychedelic riffs, you can expect an explosive journey on the dancefloor with these tracks.

Impulser presenting “Lemon Lime” his new dancefloor track featuring lydia , that will take you to the main summer time when the sun and the vodka red bull is kicking full time in the party, and all you want is to dance to the non stopping music with the nice melodies and amazing vibe.

We welcome the talented PSYB3R to Rated Records with this driving and damn right pounding Psy Trance record. A Huge Kick and bass and trippy vocal samples it has it all.
If you love Psy Trance this is for you!
Strap in!!

Masturi Digital’s first release for 2020 is a superb collaboration with Matsuri founder Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Japanese musician UNI entitled Just 50 Years ago.

Inspired by the 50th anniversary of the moon landing at the time of their session, the two musicians crafted a blasting boundary-expanding journey into space. With a beautiful, emotive synth line that is balanced by high-energy figurations and moving melodic riffs – all underscored with a powerful kick – this track strikes to the heart of our scene with its evocative inspiration of exploring unknown spaces.This track has been a huge hit internationally in Tsuyoshi’s DJ sets and it is sure to be a huge hits with other DJs and dancers: a perfect track to blast off beyond earth-bound limitations and blow the roof off a party!

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