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Did you know you can enter your artist profile pages for Spotify & Apple Music in ampsuite ?

Do your releases occasionally get associated to the wrong artist profile on one of these DSPs, its frustrating for you & the artist and you can prevent this happening by associating their profile!

If you look in in ‘Artists’ menu in ampsuite, your artist profile has these 2 link boxes available… Just enter your artist profile page URL! when releases are then delivered into these DSPs we can supply them with the artist profile pages for correct association

If the artist hasn’t released before then with Spotify you have a dropdown option to select “Request new Spotify artist profile” instead – once they send the first releases that will reset though, so be sure to add the newly created profile URL afterwards.


Soundcloud are also about to offer this too, here is what they had to say

In the coming weeks, rightsholders will be able to specify an artist’s SoundCloud profile in the metadata delivered with your releases through the supply chain.  By specifying an artist’s existing profile permalink, you will be communicating information that will be utilized to map your product release to the delivered artist’s corresponding profile.  

Please note that communicating a profile permalink in the delivery does not necessarily guarantee that the respective content will be uploaded to the communicated profile.  The SoundCloud supply chain has one instance of upload for each unique ISRC.  As such, considerations such as pre-existing artist mappings and/or content already existing on the platform may impact where a given track resides.  In instances where multiple Main Artists are delivered for an ISRC, we will continue to default upload to the profile of the first Main Artist

Additionally, it is the responsibility of the rightsholder to ensure permalinks provided are accurate.  If it is determined that a rightsholder is sending erroneous information or operating in bad faith, we reserve the right to no longer observe the rightsholder’s delivered permalink data.

So have look at your artist profiles in ampsuite & pop your artist URLs in!

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