Lyrics in Stories on Facebook

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Facebook are excited to announce that they’re launching an evolution to the Music Sticker on Facebook Stories, bringing dynamic lyrics to the music experience on Facebook with Lyrics in Stories!

When you use the music sticker and select a song from Audio Library, you’ll be able to reference the song lyrics to help you select the exact part of the song you want to use, and visually enhance your Stories post! If the song you select has lyrics available, you’ll have the ability to select from a variety of lyrics animations, font designs, and colors. And like all stickers, you can move the lyrics around, resize and rotate them before sharing to your story, and audience.

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 15.35.25.png

We’re thrilled to bring the power of lyrics to the forefront of the music experience on Facebook, and can’t wait to see you, your artists, and their fans use it!

Lyrics for Facebook and Instagram are provided by our partner, Musixmatch – to insure your artist’s lyrics are available in time for their next release, please sign up to become a ‘Verified Artist’ at Musixmatch and utilize their New Release form. Attached you’ll find details on how to sign up at Musixmatch and how to submit lyrics for new tracks/albums and edit existing lyrics.

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