Release Of The Day | Mike Griego ‘Sienna’ [Sudbeat Music]

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Mike Griego returns to Sudbeat with a sparkling three-tracker.


The Argentinian studio wizard has been setting a high standard in recent times with tracks signed to Plattenbank, Replug and, of course, his additions to Hernan’s new Balance mix, Sunsetstrip.

Opening the EP is ‘Sienna’. An upbeat analogue adventure, ‘Sienna’ begins with skippy hats and sonic fx to keep the attention high. Opening up melody and bass organically, the main break becomes an extension of the tracks journey rather than a cooling off point. Next up, ‘Drainer’ takes us on a more tribal path. Sparse percussions work together to create a feeling of moody detachment while choral voices add a distinctly calming clarity. Finally, rounding out the EP is ‘Bismuth Crystals’ sees us delving into turn-of-the-century synth stylings and otherworldly pads. Keeping it deep and warm, the percussion is crisp and clean leaving the melodics to do all the work of storytelling.

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