Release Of The Day | Jon Connor ‘Crazies’ [Voltage Records]

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Wrapping up the Singles Releases for 2019 voltage records are excited to present you with the final track of the series, Jon Connor’s “Crazies”


Manifested for Festivals and large audiences, this one is an absolute crowd pumper!

Its dark groove, its siren like leads in the breakdown, its atmosphere, the deep low and and the excellent arrangement, practically makes it a masterpiece with no comparison.

Jon’s original vocals in the breakdown are brilliant as well; plus they emphasise on a diversified meaning:

“The normals, they make me afraid – The Crazies they make me feel sane”

This is the 5th and final release for the VOLTAGE Singles Series for 2019, a concept that focused on brilliant originals produced from artists that deserved to get maximum attention.


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