Spotify Analytics

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Spotify Analytics is the free tool that gives labels and distributors the data they need from Spotify by providing streaming stats, you can understand performance across your entire catalog.
If you run a label that has music on Spotify, you can use Spotify Analytics to access a number of features that aren’t available in Spotify for Artists – including album-level data, custom date ranges, playlist submission, and CSV export for every chart.
In the coming months Spotify will be adding even more features, and we want you to be ready to take advantage!
Spotify recently updated the onboarding process to make it simpler and more secure for you to get access to your catalog in Spotify Analytics. To sign up, you’ll need a Spotify account, your work email address, and – if you’re the first person from your organization to request access – the URIs of at least 3 albums or songs that you’ve previously delivered to Spotify.
Head to to get started.

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