Release Of The Week | Reset Robot ‘Past, Future, Now’ [Whistleblower Records]

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Whistleblower is a label run by Reset Robot with a focus on releasing his own music, and its new release is a solo EP by the main man himself.


Reset Robot has a diverse style ranging from the fist pumping techno he has released on the likes of Drumcode, We Are The Brave and Hotflush, but ranges right through to uplifting tracks on Last Night On Earth, Mobilee and Bedrock.

Clean cut and stylish, many know the precision engineering of Rest Robot’s high calibre productions, and his three tracks on this new EP are no exception.

This release covers the full range of Reset Robot’s style starting off with the throbbing bassline and building tension of the monstrous opening cut “Past Future Now”. Getting deeper, “Journey To A Star” brings uplifting tension before “No Choice Paradox” closes the EP with a murky atmosphere and melodic groove.

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