Release Of The Day | Subandril ‘The Future Now’ [Sudbeat Music]

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Returning to Sudbeat is Subandrio with another solid three track artist EP.


First up, ‘The Future Now’ is a silky smooth ride filled with intriguing sound design and energy. The percussive underbelly is crisp and clean allowing plenty of room for layers of intricate melodic content to playfully intermingle. Just as you think the track is plateauing, new layers of synth pick up the baton and head for the finish line, miles ahead of the pack.
Going darker, ‘Lydian Manuscript’ bubbles along with captivating menace. Uplifting pads punctuate throughout, lifting the mood while delicate keyed leads add extra style and class to an already stylish and classy track. Finally, ‘The Other Side’ takes us on a wild sonic journey. Shaker-led percussion and a powerful low end grip you to the dance floor as percussive nuances and airy pads transcend.

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