Release Of The Day | Lexer ‘Ombak’ [Lost On You]

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German DJ and producer Lexer is back with a melodic house & techno single ‘Ombak’ on lost on you music featuring a remix from Gunnar Stiller.


From the start, ‘Ombak’ features a bass-heavy drum line. As the track progresses the listener is introduced to the main melody and one shot synths. Undoubtedly, Lexer created a track that will get every person in a club, party, or festival grooving. The Arabesque melodic one-shots add another level of energy to the track. ‘Ombak’ will resonate with any house and techno aficionado. Moreover, paired with the release of ‘Ombak’ is the remix by Gunnar Stiller.
Gunnar Stiller’s techno remix features a darker tone than the original. The remix keeps the melodic elements from the original while delivering a heavier bassline and rougher synths. The original and remix are released on the well-known label ​Lost on You​.

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