Weekend Beats |Sunset Bro’s & Zannon ‘Finally’ [Borderline Records]

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Borderline Records’ The Sunset Bros have joined forces with fellow Marquee Sydney resident: Zannon to rework, what could be one of the most recognised vocals in dance music. The trio brings their trademark energetic vibe to this fresh 2019 version of Cece Penitons 90s hit – Finally.


With their last single “In The Air” racking up well over 20 million combined plays, The Sunset Bros are an act on the rise. Combine this with the radio prowess of Zannon and his national weekly self titled show on The Edge Network and you have a sure-fire festival anthem.

Finally has been road tested through Sydney’s Ultra music festival as well as both the Bros and Zannons Marquee residency of late and the viral videos of the guys dropping the track speak for themselves.

Finally, is here…

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