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Delivering Content to YouTube content ID for which you do not hold the correct rights is one of the most common and problematic issues for content providers.

This causes those videos affected to go into a holding state, meaning no one gets paid until the rights holder conflict is resolved. As such there is no benefit to anyone uploading content for which they do not hold the exclusive rights.

What it does mean is additional work, in trying to resolve the rights disputes, for your content provider – us here at ampsuite! 🙂 So we’d like to update / remind everyone of the best practice & delivery guidelines for what you should & shouldn’t deliver to YouTube content ID

NOTE – you will see two options for YouTube on your store delivery options page in ampsuite

YouTube – this is Content ID & the guide below applies to this option

YouTube Music Key Service – this is the music streaming service form YouTube, and can still be delivered into

 YouTube Content ID Guidelines

Only content that meets the following criteria is suitable for delivery to YouTube Content ID:

* Content for which you hold exclusive rights

Only content for which you hold exclusive rights in at least one territory is suitable for YouTube Content ID. This is the most important criterium and it means that the following types of content are not suitable:

– Content licensed non-exclusively from a third party

– Content released under Creative Commons or similar free/open licenses

– Public domain footage, recordings, or compositions

– Clips from other sources used under fair use principles

– Video gameplay footage (by other than the game’s publisher)

* Content that is sufficiently distinct (no generic songs, karaoke, sound-a-likes)

Content delivered to YouTube Content ID should be sufficiently distinct. This means no generic sounds (such as rain sounds, sound effects, etc.), karaoke, re-masters and sound-alike recordings are not suitable.

* Content needs to contain one piece of intellectual property (no dj mixes, compilations)

Suitable for delivery to YouTube Content ID is only content that contains one single piece of intellectual property (one recording, one song). Content that combines two or more pieces of intellectual property, like dj mixes, compilations and full album recordings should not be delivered.  Even if you exclusively own all of the content within these types of examples in all territories, you must separate them into individual components, songs, or videos.

Common examples of content that is usually not suitable for YouTube Content ID are:

– “best of”s and compilations;

– mashups, dj mixes and remixes of other works;

– music or video for which you hold non-exclusive rights;

– recordings of performances (including concerts, events, speeches, shows);

– Public domain content;

– karaoke content;

– sound effects and generic sounds;

– unlicensed music and video;

– most movie soundtracks.

If you have any questions or doubts about these guidelines or whether your catalogue is suitable for delivery to YouTube Content ID please contact your account manager at ampsuite for further clarification 


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