release of the WEEK | Paul Deep (AR) – Dogma EP [sudbeat]

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Paul Deep returns to Sudbeat with three more deeply satisfying grooves which form the Dogma EP.


Opening with the meaty and musical ‘Dogma’ we are thrust headfirst into the mix. Repeating sonics play off intensifying percussion before crescendos usher in new layers of tensive power. Solid pre-peak time mayhem.

Next up, ‘Ironic Reality’ is deeper and more reflective. Skippy percussion keeps the pace up as sonics hang themselves on the sparse framework, intensifying the track. This ones a late night groover through and through.

Finally, ‘Mind Breaker’ is a low-slung affair. Chugging bass and shakers push the track forward as pads and melodics keep interest high. Patient and deep, it’s that final break where dancers are rewarded with a big payoff.

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