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Its time for another one of our in depth features, and this time we are looking over the ampsuite Publishing Module…

Overview PUB


This is different to the ampsuite Publishing Admin Service that we offer our clients – where we set up & manage our clients publishing company for them, registering works on their behalf globally, collecting on them & then accounting to the writers on their behalf.

The ampsuite Publishing module is an add on module that can be used by existing label clients who have their own publishing company & are simply looking for an add on software tool to manage their contracts & process their incoming royalty statements down to writer level… or it can be taken as a stand alone publishing system by new clients!

Those familiar with the ampsuite label royalty accounting module will find their way around the publishing module with ease, as the functionality is very similar. New customers will also find the system extremely easy to navigate & intuitive to use.


The system works from a combination of writer/contract/revenue database. Each writer has their own account & multiple contracts can be associated to them


Each contract has the writer works associated to it within the system, and a specific set of terms are applied, including the percentages payable on the main royalty types of course.

Contract terms

You can add your contract text to create templates, which can be used to send contracts out to your writers. These are then signed by the writers digitally and stored against their account as PDF’s within ampsuite.

contract text

Users are able to track and account for one off income sources – such as a sync license advance – and also add recoupable adjustments – such as an advance that might have been paid to the writer.



Its easy to import all of your readable statements into ampsuite for processing. We have most of the major ones already set up as predefined templates and for any additional ones you have, just send them our way and we will set up a new import template for you… Then just select the file from your computer, select the currency of the statement – ampsuite can convert from any currency into your chose home system currency  –and import it!

Import statemets

The system matches the statement data to the catalogue data held within ampsuite, if the software spots an error it will flag this & allow you to match to a product held with ampsuite – once a statements error has been corrected once the system will remember that correction moving forwards for future processing.

When you are ready to run your writer accounts , simply select the date period you’d like to run & let ampsuite do all the hard work. Our software processes the sales imported against the writer contracts held within the system and produces a set of detailed reports… you can browse an overview of these by writer, checking the payable balances & carried forward accounts. ampsuite will highlight which ones are payable & you can check them off once paid


If you want to look over the more detailed statement for one of your writers, just click into it. The report will provide your writers with an overview of the period, this is shown per contract on performance & mechanical revenues, along with expenses & adjustments. The statements also indicates any brought forward amounts, reserves, payable & carried forward amounts. Below this a detailed breakdown of all royalty line data from the statements imported is provided for your writers, indicating source/country/song code/title/qty etc.


When you are ready to send your writer statements out, its as simple as clicking a button… ampsuite then delivers the statements out via email. 

All writer statements are stored against their account within ampsuite for future ref. So if someone loses their report or wants to discuss it later, you’ll find all their reporting history stored within their licensor account


As with the ampsuite label package the software is available on a simple monthly lease package. No contractual term & no commitment.

We can even help you with the initial set up by automating the import of your catalogue data and applying a default contract to your writer/works

So there it is… if you need a software solution to run your publishing , and take the pain out of royalty accounting, ampsuite has you covered.

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