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Soundcloud are rolling out the next chapter of curation on SoundCloud – more handcrafted playlists and new community profile pages!!

SoundCloud is where tomorrow’s creators get their start, genres emerge and music culture is born. Starting today, alongside personalized weekly playlists such as “SoundCloud Weekly,” “The Upload,” and “Fresh Pressed,”

Expanding curation with more handcrafted playlists from a team of music industry VIPs

From the moment listeners land on their home screen, our new playlists will help them explore the diverse communities that make up SoundCloud. They include picks from some of the leading names in music, and instantly connect listeners with more opportunities to discover new tracks and creators. Check out the full roundup of playlists launching below.

Ear Candy: Fresh Pop Picks

Drippin’: Best Rap Right Now

On The Up: EDM, New & Hot

Tearz: Rap’s New Edge

Vibes: Best New R&B

Club Heat: Dance, New & Hot

Stitches: Indie New Arrivals

Borderless: Giant Global Beats

La Multitud: Latinx Pop, New & Hot

The Dive: New Rock Now

The Bassbin: UK Beats, New & Hot

Tunnel: Underground Electronic, New & Hot

One World: Global Pop Hits

Gotham Bars: NYC Rap, New & Hot

I 85: Atlanta Rap, New & Hot

Pacific Rims: New West Coast Rap

Power Play: Quality Hip-Hop Cuts

The Look Out: Bubbling Rap Tracks

Closer: Emerging R&B

Sunrise: Fresh Florida Rap

New community profile pages

In addition to playlists, we’re introducing community profile pages. These pages work just like any other profile page on SoundCloud, and bring together music communities that are authentically SoundCloud.

Each community page will be home to our new handcrafted playlists that are most relevant to that community. It’s the place where music fans can interact directly with our curators and other music fans who share the same musical taste, as well as stay up-to-date on new tracks, emerging creators and more.

The launch is phase one of the rollout and will be U.S. only, with more territories rolling out soon.

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