Music Ripping on the decline

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Is YouTube ‘stream-ripping’ killing itself & dying a natural death , as legal streaming continues to rise & downloads decline ?

UK-based Muso followed 300 billion visits to pirate sites in 2017, and while streaming pirated music rise by 21% in the UK alone, ‘stream-ripping’ accounted for just 4%  It’s also declining alongside a drop in actual downloading of music tracks

As a whole the music industry saw a decline of 34% on music piracy, however the RIAA is still fighting, a largely unseuccesfull, war against Russian stream-ripper,… 

As music users subscribe to Spotify and Apple Music, Muso saw a change in 2018 piracy website habits, including a drop in YouTube ‘stream-ripping,’ 

in 2018, Muso tracked over 189 million visits to piracy sites & Music wasn’t at the top of the list. TV remained the most popular content for piracy, with  around half of the traffic accounting for it.  Music came in at around 16%. The USA topped the list of countries with the most visits to piracy sites – 17 billion.  Russia came second (14.5 billion). The UK barely slid into the top 10 with 5.8 billion and Germany was around the same (5.4 billion) 

Infringing content in emerging markets increased with Brazil jumping 12.5% to over 10 billion visits.  

With being shut down in 2017, it can also be attributed to the 16% drop in stream-ripper visits. However an overall desire for people to move away from ownership to streaming surely contributed.


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