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After a lot of hard work & development ampsuite 5 is here!

We started to sneak our new logo out last year, with its clean new look & modern typeface mirroring the, soon to be released, new interface of the ampsuite platform itself. Then at ADE 2018 we put some teaser shots out in the public domain, and showed the new interface to the ampsuite clients we met over in Amsterdam. Its fair to say ampsuite 5 was extremely well received and our existing clients couldn’t wait to update… and it brought us some new clients in straight after ADE too!

We have now finished rolling out the new software to our clients, and we are proud & excited to present ampsuite 5… so lets tell you a little about it!

It all begins with the slick & modern new look, which runs right through the company, from the logo through to the new UI itself.  The UI has been designed to make the workflow smooth, and easy on the eye.

A perfect example of this is the new DASHBOARD


The new dashboard features all the great information that was available on the previous version – TOP SELLING RELEASES/ TRACKS/ ARTISTS – DRAFT RELEASES – LATEST PROMO FEEDBACK but now also includes LATEST STREAM / DOWNLOAD ACTIVITY – showing daily data pulls from your favourite download & streaming stores, UNIT SALES – showing overall units sold/streamed, TERRITORY SALES – showing month on month sales by territory, RETAILERS – showing month on month retailer sales overview & SALES TYPE – showing your month overview sales of Streaming / Download / Physical. All of these are graphical & data widgets, meaning they can moved around the desktop so your faves are always at the top!

Our Main Menu is now down the side & when you click on any module within ampsuite, the system rolls left to right opening up linked screens… its just so easy to work with!

CONTENT MANAGEMENT is simple & easy to navigate, as is the release set up page & all the built in functionality linked to those release pages… more on that later though, as we will be running weekly ‘in depth’ features for the various parts of ampsuite 5

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 09.52.56

PROMOTIONS pulls in all the feedback from your promo mailout campaign and allows you to visually dive into it, or export it in a multitude of ways too. This update also includes brand new promotional templates!… again more on that soon

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 09.54.48

+ NEWSLETTERS provides our clients the same automated option of letting ampsuite formulate and email out a newsletter to your fanbase every week /month, including all the latest release info taken directly form ampsuite itself… and now lets you get into the design yourself too, with our new template builder tool!

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 09.55.39

+ ANALYTICS has been given a shot of adrenaline , and takes your numbers to the next level!

ampsuite 5 processes all your sales data ( downloads / steams / physical ) and pulls it together, allowing you to look at overall sales by label / release / track , in both revenue & units. You can also view by Retailer / Territory / Sales Type, and to add the cherry on top, you can now LAYER UP allowing you look at sales on a specific Track / Release / Artist in a particular territory, on a particular store, all within specified date range… did that spotify campaign in Brazil on Artist A really pay dividends ?


+ DAILY SALES does what it says on the tin… giving you the same lovely graphical and units view available in analytics, but this time showing your DAILY RETAILER sales data being pulled into ampsuite. We also display TERRITORIES / TOP 10 and PLAYLISTS , showing you the playlists your catalogue has been included on at Spotify, and the streams they have generated



+ ACCOUNTING ampsuite has you covered more than ever when it comes to accounting!

Our Accounting module has been the bedrock of the ampsuite platform since our inception, and ampsuite 5 builds on our experience and the reliability offered when it comes to royalty accounting.

It all starts with a simple but extremely powerful LICENSOR / CONTRACTS module. Simply set up your artists / licensors & assign a royalty contract to them. Attached to that are tracks held within the system from the catalogue. You can set your royalty rate terms & apply them per contract, or per store or territory etc. You can apply expenses and advances to be recouped either manually or automatically at release level. you can do this for label releases and even for publishing contract you might hold, via the PUBLISHING MODULE.


I you are distributed by ampsuite you simply pull your monthly sales reports into the system and allocate sales. If you are not distributed by ampsuite & opted for one of our lease packages then you can pull your store/distributor reports directly into ampsuite & these will be matched to the products in the system & the associated contacts. When you are ready to create your statements just hit generate to run your outgoing STATEMENTS. ampsuite gives you an overview of total sales during the reported period , the total due to licensors & the payable amount.

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 10.01.55

Users can then look at an overview of all outgoing statements and individual artist reports before sending , oh and did we mention how easy it is to send them out ? you click ’email statements’.. thats it! ampsuite emails all your statements out & shows you who needs to be paid , the software will even allow the recipient to generate a return invoice to you if you require it…


of course there’s more to it than that, we can make life as simple or as intricate as our users require. You can disable sending on certain licensor accounts, you can change the outgoing currency on individual licensors, deduct tax or management fees and you can change the level of data you include in the statements themselves to if you want.

So there you have it, a brief ( or maybe not so brief! ), look at ampsuite 5.

Of course we haven’t included everything here… ampsuite has the social media builder FREE TRACK TOOL , the automated YOU TUBE VIDEO CREATOR, the COMPILATION BUILDER, the automated WEBSITE FEEDS and the RSS FEED. We also have add on modules like our PUBLISHING MODULE and our label DOWNLOAD STORE – which is automatically powered from the client ampsuite & monetised 100% to our clients PayPal!

we’d be here all day if we went into all of it , and we like to save some surprises for when you open your new software! suffice to say, if you run a record label ampsuite has you covered… just ask some of our clients

amp-black-text-logo copy 2

‘taking label management to the next level’  |

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