Spotify launches in India

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Despite the protest by Warner Music Group Spotify arrived in India today after the Bombay High Court in Mumbai declined to grant an emergency injunction requested by Warners Music Group, which could have stopped the Spotify launch

What will be most interesting to our readers , regarding this launch, is the pricing. For the first time Spotify has added a pay-as-you go option! users can pay for a single day , A week, A month… and so on… for access to its Premium tier.

+ One day of PAYG Premium access in India costs 13 INR ($0.18)
+ Seven days 39 INR ($0.55)
+ One month 129 INR ($1.81)
+ Three months 389 INR ($5.47)
+ Six months 719 INR ($10.10).
+ 1189 INR for a full year!!!  – equivalent of $16.71.

If customers sign up to a recurrent monthly subscription, they can also pay just 119 INR ($1.67) per month.

So, you can get six months of Premium Ad-Free Spotify in India for the same price  as one month in the US or UK


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