Beatport & DJcity = Beatsource

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Beatport & DJcity Team Up to Form Beatsource for Open-Format DJs

DJ music powerhouse Beatport and subscription-based digital DJ record pool DJcity announced on Wednesday they would be combining their resources to launch Beatsource, a new digital music retail experience for open-format DJs.

Launching in summer 2019 and will offer DJs access to a wide catalog of hits and pre-release exclusive content typically serviced through the DJ promo pool industry.

DJcity is the leading provider of highly curated music to the open-format DJ community. After beginning as an only vinyl record marketplace in 1999, it has grown to cover digital music, including custom-produced edits. Beatport was founded in 2004 and operates as the principal source of music for electronic DJs with more than 450,000 active DJ customers and 35 million unique visitors to its site each year.

As part of the new joint venture, Beatport plans to integrate DJcity’s promo pool functionality into the Beatsource platform later in 2019. DJcity will continue to deliver music to its existing clients as it rebrands under the Beatsource banner.

Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels

“When Beatport decided to expand its footprint into the open-format DJ market, we quickly realized that DJcity had been the leading supplier of music to a dedicated customer base for the last two decades and had the knowledge and passion to help us launch Beatsource”, said McDaniels in a statement. “We couldn’t be more confident in Brian, Edwin and their team to help us execute on this amazing opportunity to provide open-format DJs with a fully integrated and highly curated music experience.”

Added Wong, “DJcity firmly believes this joint venture will give us the opportunity to realize our vision of leading our marketplace, just as Beatport has accomplished, while retaining our passionate commitment to the community we serve. Beatsource will leverage DJcity’s experienced workforce and strong brand, as well as Beatport’s technology and infrastructure to create an entirely new DJ experience for the next generation.”

“Our team is truly excited to enter into this strategic partnership with Beatport,” said Paredes in a statement. “I am sure that our loyal customers, as well as the rest of the open-format DJ industry, will quickly see our vision that empowers our community in ways we didn’t think were possible.”

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