Pay up , or Put up… with ads!

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Do you use an ad blocker to stream music for free on Spotify? well , as the saying goes, you dont get something for nothing… any more anyway.

According to this report, Spotify has added new rules against ad blockers in its latest Terms of Service update.  Stating “circumventing or blocking advertisements in the… Service, or creating or distributing tools designed to block advertisements in the… Service” will lead to an immediate suspension or termination of your account.

Spotify had already spoken out against the use of ad blockers, and around this time last year the company said around 1.3% of its total user base – or 2 million users – had used ad blockers on its free service, which is supported in revenue by the use of adverts

A app for Android users is ‘Spotify Premium’.  This modified version of the streaming app lets users access playlists, download songs, and stream for free

Will Spotify’s hardline against ad blockers increase its ad-supported revenue, Encourage paid subscriptions… or even drive some users away?

In 2018 Q4 results Spotify declared ad-supported revenue rose 34% year-over-year to $199 million.  This was an increase on the 30% increase on ad-supported revenue growth in Q3 2018.

Banning these accounts that use ad blockers would ultimatelty force those users to either stream the ad-supported service, Sign up for a paid subscription or use another service altogether. We’ll be watching to see which way this pans out

The new Spotify Terms of Service will go into effect on March 1st 2019 , at that point forards Spotify may suspend and terminate accounts without warning.

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