Smart speakers on the rise…

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Some of you have been asking why you now need to tag a track as Instrumental or vocal & then tag the correct language , at track level when setting up a release...

and why sometimes your release might even have been refused by certain DSPs if this data was entered incorrectly… well the answer is Smart Speakers!!

Well, indirectly anyway. The actual answer is that certain DSPs have now made this information mandatory, which means you have to enter it & you have to enter it correctly or your release could be declined.

The reason this data is now being requested is largely due to the rise in use of voice activate speakers , or Smart Speakers, such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod & Google Home Smart speakers. As the voice commands available on these speakers are ever increasing, the ability to simply ask them to ‘Play some vocal dance music in spanish‘ is something that can only be successful if the metadata has been correctly delivered in the first place.

So, is it worth it ? do that many people actually use smart speakers , or are thy just a fad we hear you ask.

The number of smart speakers in US households alone has risen sharply ( 78% year-over-year, from 66.7 million in December 2017 to 118.5m in December 2018 ) Smart Audio Report – based on a survey conducted by NPR and Edison Research after the December 2018 holidays.

The average smart speaker household now features 2/3 smart speakers, again a rise up from an average of 1.7 this time last year… We have 3 of them in the ampsuite offices & we use them everyday

Findings show that US adults ( over the age of 18 ) which is 53 million people ( 21% of the population ) own at least one smart speaker. It also shows that 30% of respondents now own three or more smart speakers, compared with 17% the year before.

Last month Deloitte predicted that the global industry for smart speakers, which it defines as ‘internet-connected speakers with integrated digital voice assistant’, will be worth $ billion in 2019

With all these speakers around, and most of them linked up to music streaming services, it should mean more music being streamed via the services that pay labels & artists for music streaming…

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