RELEASE of the week | MUUI ‘Tudor Collapse’ [sudbeat]

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Berlin-based live performer MUUI returns to Sudbeat after another hectic year on the road. Bursting onto the scene in 2013, his varied sonic palette has gifted us with a plethora of wildly ambitious and creative tracks. Opening his 2019 account with a three-track EP named “Tudor Collapse”, MUUI delves into his melancholic, deeper side.

Out now @BEATPORT & to stream @SPOTIFY

Opening track, ‘Tudor Collapse’ is a rousing melodic journey which grows and grows. Skippy percussion a trademark understated bass provide ample bedrock on which the melodic elements playfully become intertwined.
Deeper still, ‘Silent Moon’ takes a more tribal path until subtle sawtoothed-bass and winsome pads add bags of emotive power.
Rounding out the pack, ‘Colours of You’ breathes warmth and feelings of happiness. Floating on waves of vocal pads, that MUUI funk shines through in the understated bass arrangement.

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