Hype is here!

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After nearly 6 months of Beta phase, free registration and many success stories, the HYPE promotional program at Beatport is finally ready to consolidate its registered labels users into complete HYPE monthly subscribers.
It is a perfect timing in this pre-Xmas week to finalize your first HYPE subscription to start 2019 on the best foot.
It is a very simple process as described below…
Here is the key info to proceed :
* Go directly to https://gethype.beatport.com to finalize your subscription (10 € monthly)
* You only need a Beatport user account and to choose you the label name you want to subscribe for
* Normally your payment details are already in, but if you need to put other details, only Credit cards are accepted so far, No Paypal at this moment
* Your subscription will start to run immediately and will be renewed automatically at the same date every month. You can also cancel the monthly subscription anytime before the end of the period if necessary
Ex: if you subscribe today Dec 17th, your subscription will renew every 17th of the month
* Please note that from now on, only subscribed labels will be considered by the curation team for HYPE features
* Please note also that the Beatport office will be close by end of day next Friday, December 21st 2018 and will reopen on Wednesday, January 2nd 2019. Therefore, if you have a release coming in January (or early February), make sure to subscribe still this week that our curators will have you in from their restart on and most importantly still this week anticipatively for their January features.
* In case you need a reminder on what the HYPE package is, you can check hype.beatport.com

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