TRACK of the day | James Gill ‘Mind Cave’ [sudbeat]

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he eponymous James Gill returns to Sudbeat with an incendiary three-tracker, the ‘Mind Cave EP’, where the the Jersey-born, native New Yorker’s trademark of groovy style shines through on all three cuts.

Opening with the title track, ‘Mind Cave’ a bumpy groover bristling with mysterious FX and an earworm lead synth, we are quickly fast tracked to the small hours, where reason and modesty take a holiday and wild, freaky and free come out to play… and its our track of the day!

out now @BEATPORT

‘Cascata’ takes things one step further. Solid drum arrangements soon made way for clever synthwork and powerful emotive vocal FX. This is late night NYC in full effect. Closing out the EP is the melancholy ‘Red Ochre’. Far deeper and thoughtful, its quiet elegance is a thing to behold as the gloves come off in the second half and the synths go wild.

Also available to stream @SPOTIFY


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