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The ability to monetise DJ Mixes is nothing new to ampsuite clients, as ampsuite has always provided the option to share the royalties of a continuous DJ mix between the tracks contained within it & even allocate a share of the royalties to the DJ who put together the mix, However with Apple recently ceasing to accept continuous DJ mixes, we thought now was a good time to highlight the options for monetising your DJ Mixes & making sure everyone gets paid.

First off , one of the advantages of ampsuite, and its flexible contracting system , is that you are not restricted to only using tracks within your own catalogue. You can license a track in from anywhere and use it in your DJ mix.

Secondly you are not restricted to only uploading ‘cut up’ track files from a continuous mix in order to monetise, you can also simply add a continuous mix file as one track – tick the continuous mix button – and the royalties on sales of that mix will be split between the various tracks on the release automatically… so if you also want to have your continuous mixes for sale on the other stores, alongside Apple & spotify, then you have all options covered with ampsuite!

so ,here are your options:-

To release DJ MIXES on Apple Music & Spotify

  • Create a release in the usual way.
  • A DJ Mix on Spotify & Apple Music requires the mixed file to be cut up into individual ‘slices’ for each track
  • Cut each track so it starts at the point where the mixed track takes over as the main track in the mix OR if you are not sure, then simply send us the file and we are more than happy to slice the mix up into individual files for you!
  • Upload the sliced WAV files for each track.
  • Deliver out to Apple Music & Spotify!

The album will play as a continuous mix & everyone gets paid! 

As always with ampsuite the contracts are simply assigned at track level so the licensors of each track get paid for each album/mix play & will also get paid for any single track plays. You can also apply a contract for the DJ who mixed the release, so they get paid too.

With ampsuite flexible contracting you can choose what percentage everyone gets & issue the contracts with a click of a button!

To release DJ MIXES everywhere else

  • Create a release in the usual way
  • Add each track as a full length version within the release, so they can purchased in the normal way as singles
  • Add the final track as the continuous DJ MIX, and tick the ‘continuous mix’ checkbox with the track settings. THATS IT!!

ampsuite will then automatically share the royalties from sales / streams of the continuous mix between the licensors of all the single tracks on the album.

The best of both worlds, everyone gets to hear the mix, on all stores, and everyone gets paid…

Have fun this weekend, and why not put together a mix!



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