TRACK of the day | Mindbenderz album – ‘Tribalism’ [iono]

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Iono-Music are proud to bring you the much anticipated Mindbenderz album – ‘Tribalism’. Matthias Sperlich & Philip Guillaume – the duo that make Mindbenderz; are both highly respected veterans of the electronic music scene individually; when their talents are merged – ingredients combined and cauldron stirred – the spell is cast and something magical happens – the listeners’ mind is well and truly bent!

Our pick is the title track of the LP ‘Tribalism’ but you can pick any one of these monsters! These tracks are taking no prisoners where only the purest of progressive vibes are invoked by the expertly crafted sonic palettes, laying comfortably on raging basslines, rhythms and pulsating arpeggios. There are some haunting yet beautiful vocals that lead you dreamily into another dimension; filled with mystical pads and stabs; killer percussive patterns, fierce synthesizer lines, breathtaking ethnic instruments and mind blowing vocals; all supporting some perfectly placed melodic elements.

‘Tribalism’ is a pure psychedelic trip! It pierces the soul, infiltrates the mind & body, elevates our energetic field and unites us as listeners – making us truly one tribe. This is a very special release!

out now @BEATPORT & to stream@SPOTIFY

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