TRACK of the day | Alex O’Rion ‘Amalthea’s Horn (Version 2)’ [sudbeat]

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Alex O’Rion returns to Sudbeat with the second part of his Amalthea’s Horn EP.

Title track, ‘Amalthea’s Horn Version II’ is a haunting revision. Powerful low-end clout balances the melodic flourishes making this an altogether darker ride on the wrong side of Midnight. Equally, ‘Neuron Version II’ is more bass-led but does retain the strong sound design of its lighter version. ‘Waipuoua Version II’ retains its bumpiness and inherits a growling Reese bass to underpin the low-end rumble. Finally, ‘Spitfire’ is classic O’Rion. Well balanced drums nestle elegantly with twinkling sonics for a glitterball journey to happiness.

out now @BEATPORT

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