TRACK of the day | TNTS ‘Luminous Times’ [transpecta]

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Mysterious Belgian producer, TNTS joins Transpecta for his debut two-track debut release – ‘Luminous Times’ and ‘Mysterious Stranger’ featuring a massive Stan Kolev remix… which makes our Track of the day for Day two here at ADE 2018

Undefined by trends, TNTS seems to be zeroing in on a self-imposed sweet spot which lies somewhere between a timeless, classic sound and utterly contemporary experimentation. One thing is for sure, his tracks are always dark and melodic. Sometimes deep, often melancholic. Lead track, ‘Luminous Times’ certainly falls into that description, growing in statue from humble, melodic beginnings. Sparse percussion allows room for the synth energies to take over, revealing a truly epic experience. ‘Mysterious Stranger’ sees TNTS digging into classic Techno tropes giving an overall feeling of tension. Clever manipulation of the main synth ups the energy at points for complete dancefloor destruction. On the remix, Stan Kolev moulds a heavy reese bass around the main motifs creating an altogether lighter, melodically satisfying version.


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