Beatport Chart WK 39

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Our weekly beatport chart, features our client release highlights this week , and its a bumper edition if you are into all things techy!

Notable inclusions this week from Riva Starr on Truesoul, MINDSKAP on Neptuun City, DJ Wool EP on Soleid, KUSP (UK) on IAMT and Richie Santana remix on Steve Mulders Orange recordings release…  as well as killer cuts on Pornostar, Frequenza, Flashmob, Starz, IONO Music, HEART Music, Anonymous LDN, Substeal, Mazzinga, Black Kat, Gibbon, You Plus one, Kubu Music, Blue Forest, COOD, Motion, Casa Rossa, Transform, Magic Moment, ICONYC, Blanc Stone, Dynamica & Atrium Sun

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