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In our second label spotlight, with shine the light and focus in on one of the years biggest house labels – Casa Rossa

This Italian born & bred imprint has had massive success already in 2018, with a Beatport number 1. With production heavyweight owners @GaryCaos & @Nihil Young at the controls, lets find out what goes on behind the scene!

Q – Please tell us about Casa Rossa, who is involved in running it & the ethos behind the music

A Hi to the team and thanks for having us!

Casa Rossa is a project we (Gary Caos and Mattia Marotta) started in 2009 from Bologna, Italy. We have always given our take on House and Tech House since then, we approached a few other genres but the main one has always been funky House Music. 

The label has had a few hits in the past and are happy to have had a few good friends on board: Robbie Rivera, Dj Dan, Alaia & Gallo, Double Exposure from Salsoul, Jerome Robins, Antoine Clamaran and many others. 

We select the demos we receive based on the quality and not quantity because we have done it otherwise in the past and it simply does not work. If the track is a funky club banger we will make sure to put our hands on it and try and reach maximum exposure.

Q – The label has seen a great run of successful releases during recent months , can you tell us about the music of late & the ideas behind how you pick it & which releases have been your favourites

Thank you. Honestly the latest string of releases has mainly seen ourselves in the action plus other few friends like Wlady & T.N.Y., Richard Grey and Antoine Clamaran, we decided to concentrate on our own productions and make them as big as we could, i.e. sending each and every tune to top acts, radios and tastemakers and we are very happy with the results. We have had a 3 months top 10 with Gary Caos’ Smoke Everyday, a remake of the classic Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg’s ear worm The Next Episode. We didn’t expect that much success but it has been great. We did a decent job keeping up with the releases and the following releases have certainly benefitted from that, having had more top 10 singles with Richard Grey, Wlady and T.N.Y. and several top 100 tunes.

Q – is there any advice you would give to new label owners of what to concentrate on when trying to push a label, or conversely anything NOT to do !

Absolutely, don’t disperse your promo over too many contacts, find a good promo-pool that will get your music to the right people, djs and radios. Don’t do too many releases but focus on the quality and promotion instead.

Q – You use the ampsuite system , what would you say us the most important part of this that helps you run the label/s & Is there anything you wish you had as a label that you don’t currently have that maybe we could provide to help you run the label… Haha

Honestly i couldn’t think of anything that amp suite is not helping us with.

Other than that amp suite has been a breath of fresh air because we are 2 guys working our asses off on the label and productions every day and ever since we switched to your system we recovered just so much time that we used to waste on uploads on soundcloud, youtube, promos etc etc, now it’s all clean, intuitive and we just need to hit send to get our music everywhere, and with a single click. so thanks for that 🙂

Q – Finally , What have you got planned for the future , any exciting news you can share 

We have some label parties lined up for the fall and next year, definitely gonna be part of ADE and the next Winter Music Conference in Miami. On the music side? You will see, we will bring some good people on the label for sure but we want to keep it spoiler free. I hope you will like what you will hear!

thanks again for having us 🙂

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