Beatport Goes Monthly…

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Since its inception many moons ago now Beatport has accounted to & paid its suppliers quarterly, however as the beatport revenue makes up a large proportion of many labels/artist download sales this has always been something of a bug bare! well, be bugged & bared no more… Beatport has now switched to monthly accounting!

Quarter two 2018 was the final round of quarterly accounting from Beatport. July sales will be the first round of monthly accounting & payments from Beatport to its suppliers and ampsuite are pleased to announce that this payment has just been received and will be included in our client August statements , which will be going out this week.

As always we strive to ensure the payments we receive are  paid over as quickly as possible from our account to yours… Thanks to everyone at Beatport for this change, we are sure that it will make a big difference to our labels & the artists they work with.

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