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Keeping your fans engaged is one of the most important parts of modern day music, the first & easiest way to start with this is to make sure your profiles on the major music sites are verified and up to date!

Verifying your profile ensures you appear established on these platforms and , well, just looks good!


To verify yourself on Spotify, use their ‘Spotify for Artists’ click ‘Claim your profile’ then search for yourself .. simples!

Once set up you can:-

+ Dig into song stats and fan insights to discover more than ever about your audience.
+ Update your look by uploading photos and shouting out updates.
+ Submit your music to Spotify editorial teams for playlist consideration

It might take a while, as oyu can imagine lots of people are verifying! but you will receive an email to confirm access to your artist profile once the set up is complete.

iTunes & Apple Music

Head on over toApple Music for Artists
click ‘Get Started’ Log in with your Apple ID and password. Click + to add an artist, then search for your artist name!
You will need to Select your role (artist, band member, manager) and fill out the fields, or just enter your own information for both & Click “Submit”
Again you will need to wait until you receive the email confirmation but once enrolled you can check your stats & even see where about in the world people are enjoying your music!
One of the widest used serves for sourcing music , its a key part of the modern music industry… get involved!
Just go to Shazam click ‘get verfied’
You will  need to enter your contact details, social media links, then search for your artist name , upload an image & connect to one of your social media accounts ( or just link to either your facebook or twitter )
Once verified you can :-
+ View how much your tracks have been shazamed, when and where.

+ Get alerts when a significant spikes for your track occur.

+ Check where your track is positioned in the Shazam charts and the weekly progression.
+ Share your tracks, photos, videos & shazams straight to your track pages.
+ Get custom filters to share on social.
+ Your artist image displays at the forefront of your tracks results.
+ Update your artist image at anytime from Shazam for Artists portal.
+ Link your official Youtube video channel to your Shazam artist profile


If you produce any kind of electronic music then you know Beatport & you how important it is to both the dance scene in general & you as an artist

Keep your profile up to date by uploading your image & biog using their online form. Nice and easy…


If you are a label and want to update your profile you can do this too, again via an easy online form


They are busy guys over at Beatport, so please allow time for your request to be processed


So there you have it, you have all the info you need to verify your profiles on the major music stores. Keep them up to date & promote yourself in the best way possible…. now , its over to you!

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