TRACK of the day |Paul Deep ‘Siren’ [sudbeat]

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For the 136th chapter on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat label, they head home to host the considerable studio craft of Buenos Aires- based Paul Deep for the incredible three track Jiren EP.

Opening with the tough driving sounds of title track, ‘Jiren’ Paul sets the bar high. Grooving from the first bar with percussive power, pads open up the track slowly revealing it’s full sweaty 4am glory after the break. ‘Channeling’ is equally gritty and percussive from the off. Driven by a powerful low end growl this is late night mind music at its finest culminating in an epic beatless break and indistinguishable male ramblings. Rounding out this triptych of treats is ‘Sentimentalism’, a deeper groove that before but no less dancefloor effective. Emotive and musical, it is the perfect finale to provide counterpoint to other more visceral, meaty tracks.

OUT NOW AT BEATPORT and available to stream at SPOTIFY

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