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Here at ampsuite we are always looking at additional or improved features,  that might help aid labels & artists, with our 3 point philosophy always in mind…

+ Increase revenue & transparency for artists
+ Increase Revenue & opportunity for labels
+ Decrease workload & data duplication.

With this in mind we are pleased to announce our new Label Download Store linked seamlessly through the existing ampsuite platform, the store is driven from the catalogue held within our client consoles!

It couldn’t be easier to activate your store & start generating additional & increased revenue from direct sales, just check a box within your release to include in your download store… that’s it!  If you want to you can pre-sell on your own store in advance of a general release & offer exclusive store releases too.

You can sell WAVs & MP3s, and customers can pay a predefined price OR choose to pay you more, if they are a superfan!

We have worked hard to make the site as user friendly as possible with Label sections, Genre sections & Artist / Track search facility. The store can also be branded with your label logo and colours.

To be clear, these are independent label download stores linked uniquely to your ampsuite system. This is not a ampsuite download store, all revenue comes directly to you, via your own PayPal account… thats right 100% of the sales revenue comes directly from the store to your PayPal, ampsuite do not retain a sales percentage !!! All ampsuite label clients can get started with their FREE download store now*

Here is an example of the ampsuite client Label Download Store, take a look around:-

If you are an existing ampsuite client and would like to activate your label download store simply speak to your account manager. To speak to ampsuite about working with us, and benefiting from this & the army other features which ampsuite include at no additional cost please email

* after 12 months a small monthly fee may be charged for download stores which exceed the free store sales limits.


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