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You can now include a ‘Pre Add’ option to your forthcoming releases on Apple Music…

Apple Music recently updated & now includes a pre-save feature ( called “pre-add”).

Heres what they had to say:

“Any album that is available for pre-order in iTunes with at least one instant gratification track will be available to listeners to pre-add to their Apple Music Library.

On the sales start date, the album will automatically be available in the listener’s Apple Music Library.”

Why include ‘Pre-add’?

Music fans will be able to make sure they get to hear your release as soon as its available, and listen to a track or two right away!

And for you, the label or artist, you can drive traffic towards the site… in anticipation of the release

To set up a ‘Pre-add’ on Apple Music

All you need to do is activate pre-order on your release when setting up in ampsuite ( making sure to select iTunes or just select ‘All Available’ and also make sure that at least one track in the release is set to instant gratification. ( this means they can stream it right away ) NOTE: Apple Music’s criteria for pre-adds currently disqualifies singles from the feature, so right now it’s only going to work on releases with multiple tracks.

The album will then be available for ‘Pre-add’ on Apple Music at the same time it becomes available for pre-order on iTunes.

Apple Music is the Apple / iTunes streaming service, equivalent to Spotify. You can subscribe to Apple Music HERE & take up a FREE TRIAL


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