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Did you catch the Spotify announcement last week ?
Spotify will now accept playlist submissions directly through their Analytics portal!  This system is currently in beta & access can be obtained by applying directly via :-
In the past the only way to submit tracks directly for consideration was via the various genre and territory editors, Now everyone inside Spotify will use the same process for receiving and considering forthcoming UNRELEASED music for inclusion on Spotify-owned playlists.
Anyone with access to Spotify For Artists or the Spotify Analytics portal can submit one of their tracks for consideration. Your song must has already been delivered to Spotify and scheduled for release ( via ampsuite we hope 🙂
NOTE: this is not a process for delivering your music to Spotify directly.  This process will point Spotify’s Editors to a song that has already been delivered into their system.
Of course, ampsuite will continue to work directly with Spotify on priorities each week, but labels & artist can now get involved too.
This is for new, unreleased music ONLY It’s not for catalog or released material.
Get your submissions for playlist consideration in early, at least seven days in advance of your release date.  This doesn’t guarantee playlist inclusions by any means, but if you do subs a track for consideration then all of the followers of the submitted artist will find the new track in their RELEASE RADAR, and Spotify DO guarantee this!
Only one track per artist can be in consideration at a time. Once a track is released, a new one can be submitted. You can only submit music on DESKTOP.  The submission process will not work in the mobile version of Spotify for Artists. Spotify also stresses that submissions should include other marketing data form the artist / label , not just the song name itself. It wants artists and labels to notate things like the genre, mood and other data, including things like the instruments used, whether it’s a cover, the culture the song belongs to, and more. This data will be examined in addition to data Spotify already knows about the artist – like what else their fans listen to, what other playlists their music appears on, and more.

The company also took the time in its announcement this morning to clarify that no one can pay to be added to Spotify’s playlists.

PLEASE resist the temptation to deliver every single track you release, pick your submissions according to priority & relevance and try to make friends with the selectors 🙂

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