Monetising on Soundcloud | REMINDER

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We would just like to Update / Remind you all of the process for track monetisation at Soundcloud.

There are two ways you can monetize: manually or via the normal supply chain.

If you are happy for the standard delivery to Soundcloud to be the only Monetised versions of your releases on their site, then there is no need for you to manually upload tracks to your own label page. Simply send your releases via normal store delivery in ampsuite, Soundcloud will map them to the artist profile on their site. The go live & they are monetising. This is literally the same process as with other streaming sites, Spotify for example.

Soundcloud differentiate however between manual uploads ( those you might add to Soundcloud yourself or via the Soundcloud upload tool in ampsuite, or that your artists might add to their pages on Soundcloud ) and supply chain delivered tracks ( those that are delivered directly to Soundcloud via the usual store delivery process in ampsuite). These are entirely separate and unconnected.

Should you additionally wish to monetise those manual uploads then there are several steps required, please see details in attached image below.

1. The profile needs to be activated for monetisation ( you need to send us the profile URL & we will submit an application to Soundcloud )

2. Once this has been approved & the profile activated by Soundcloud , the track you uploaded needs to be switched on for monetisation in your / your artist account via the monetization tab. You will only see the monetisation tab on your track uploads once the profile is enabled – you will need to enter the required data in order for the track to be monetised.

Please note that, if you manually upload and then monetise a track/ISRC (for example on a label page) and also deliver a supply chain version ( store delivery ) of the same track, which Soundcloud would map to either an existing artist page if they find one OR they create a new one, these are two separate tracks & not linked in any way

To be clear… Releases delivered to Soundcloud via ampsuite store delivery will automatically monetise as described above. Any other uploads to Soundcloud wil not monetise unless the steps described above are carried out.

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