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Its fair to say that ODD Recordings has been one of the real success stories during the last year! launched in January 2017, Arjun Vagale & Ramiro Lopez’s ODD imprint has gone from zero to be a staple diet of every techno dj’s record box… Not surprising given the owners credentials , Arjun & Ramiro are both well established & respected producers, with releases on labels such as Drumcode, Suara, Intec & Dirtybird.

In its first 12 months the label has seen releases from the likes of Sasha Carassi, Pleasurekraft, Kaiserdisco, Andres Campo, Balthazar & JackRock & Steve Mulder to name just a few… and gathered a fanbase including The likes of Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, John Digweed, Alan Fitzpatrick & Charlotte de Witte.

Their latest Release from [ Web 10 ] is out this Friday 20th July, and continues to push the label onwards & upwards… check it out on resale now @Beatport [ Wex 10 ] – Ictus

We caught up with label owners Arjun & Ramiro for a quick chat…

Hi Guys, Congrats on the success of ODD, its been pleasure working with you both & im looking forward to the future 🙂 Ill try to steer clear of the ‘Why did you start the label’ & ‘what were your influences’ questions…

1) The label has been a great success & im sure you are proud of all the releases , but do you have a favourite release to date on the label & why ?

Ramiro : We only release what we really love after trying them thoroughly so its hard to say … but if we have to, maybe the first one:  We are Odd. A collab we made full of dreams and excitement. It´s was a perfect Kick off, in our opinion.

Arjun : Thank you 🙂 Totally agree with Ramiro, the first track – Oddball. Its been one of my fav tracks since we produced it, and funnily enough even after 2 years it still goes down a storm. The whole EP was special as it truly brought both our styles together perfectly

2) conversely, is there any mistakes you have made so far that you dont mind sharing, to help other new labels ?

Ramiro : We make mistakes almost every day! But is the best way to learn. Maybe one of the most important (and also hard ) things is to find your own style without  looks like too much to other labels out there.

Arjun : Contracts! Would recommend anyone doing a label to have them as standard for every release, and have every artist sign one – even if they are your friends. We’ve had some issues coz of this, but thats the way you learn. Big up the AmpSuite for guiding us right from the start – if it wasn’t for them, we would have had a lot more.

3) what would you say is the important thing to get right when running label these days.

Ramiro : Being honest with yourself and then with the others and make things with love and passion .

Arjun : Professionalism, Passion & honesty. Apart from that, release music that you truly believe in.

4) Is there anything you wish you had as a label that you don’t currently have, that maybe we could provide to help you run the label… or does ampsuite give you everything you need! Haha

Ramiro : We are honestly very happy with you, guys. Is something we have been speaking lately. Running a label have a lot of work to do and some times is hard to combine with our artist´s career. But we can say we are lucky to have Antonio now with us. He is charge of most of the media content (like AdeArtwork) and also is starting to help with managing stuff .

Arjun : Supremely happy with AmpSuite – I can honestly say they’ve made running the label a breeze – And I appreciate all the support and guidance Keith & the team have given us …. he’s always just an e-mail away. Thanks a million  🙂

5) What have you got planned for the future , any exciting news you can share 

Ramiro : Next releses are very Strong and  we are very exited about it. Label is doing quite good and our plan is keep growing and improving. Also think is time to join forces again and make another collab EP to celebrate our second anniversary maybe.

Arjun : We’ve had a pretty powerful run of releases, and that boils down to a hardcore A&R process. There have been times we’ve said no to some pretty established artists coz we thought the tracks didn’t fit the ODD aesthetic – and times when we’ve signed more ‘risky’ tracks and they’ve really payed off ! I’m really excited about the future … some interesting music & artists on the way. And yes – its time for another Ramiro / Arjun collaboration too 🙂

So there we have it… keep em peeled for more Vagale & Lopez collabs!

Follw the guys on the ODD facebook page & you wont be disappointed , with their weekly radio show, offers, gig info & their ODD take on the world of electronic music. This weeks Radio show features a set from Thomas Schumacher.


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