Beatport HYPE – Updates

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Im sure you have heard about Beatport Hype by now, aimed specifically at labels that currently generate under $3000 dollars per year, we think its another great addition to the Beatport site.


For the first couple of months Beatport are not charging the $10 monhtly fee, and this will allow labels to see how the new Hype section works & decide if its something they would like to utilise. After this period any label who falls into this category and wants to be considered for the hype section will need to pay Beatport $10 per month.

We are happy to pass on some early ‘Hype’ success stories… This week Neptuun City ( Tech House ) , Soulkfraft ( Techno & Progressive ) , Dog and Man ( Progressive ) , Lincor ( Progressive ) , Abstract Space ( Progressive ) , Nama Recordings ( Progressive ) , Mirabilis ( Progressive ) , Transpecta ( Progressive ) , Emotional Content Recordings ( Melodic House & Techno ) , Motion ( House ) , Sweet Musique ( Melodic House & Techno ) , Samaa ( Psy-Trance ) , Radical ( Psy-Trance ) all hold featured spots in the Hype sections on the relevant genre pages… thanks beatport 🙂

While Immersion, Timelapse, Samaa, Forescape Digital, Krembo Records, Abstract Space, Blanc Stone digital, Lamp, Sweet Musique, Motion & Transpecta are all featured in the Hype top 100 sales charts, with Transpecta holding a dozen places in the progressive top 100 AND bagging a number 1 spot already  with ‘Ganessa’ by Tali Mussi currently sit-in pretty at the top of the tree !

Its happening!

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